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Clearview Street - Water Main Repair

Published: 8:19 AM | October 26, 2020

Attention motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, Halifax Water crews are on-site repairing a water main near 47 Clearview Street in Spryfield.

Water service is out between 65 and 21 Clearview St. No estimate of service restoration at this time.  

Experienced traffic control personnel are on-site to ensure smooth traffic flow around the work zone. On-site personnel will also maintain communication with local residents and businesses to help minimize disruption. Motorists are asked to use alternate routes and expect delays. Motorists are also reminded that speed fines double in work zones.  

For the safety of work crews and residents, please maintain social/physical distancing requirements of at least 2 metres/6 feet.

James Campbell, Communications & Public Relations Manager

Main Street - Water System Upgrades

Published: 12:43 PM | October 23, 2020

As part of the Caledonia Road Water Transmission Main Upgrade Project, Brycon Construction Ltd., on behalf of Halifax Water will be undertaking water main work on Main Street in Dartmouth on Monday, October 26th.


James Campbell, Communications & Public Relations Manager

Ellenvale Avenue – Lane Drop for System Maint.

Published: 4:52 PM | October 20, 2020

Beginning on October 21, Harbour Construction, on behalf of Halifax Water, will be undertaking work in a portion of Ellenvale Run. This work will include heavy equipment and material storage near 15 & 19 Ellenvale Avenue, requiring a lane drop in that area; see attached map.


James Campbell, Communications & Public Relations Manager

Lower Sackville - Smoke Testing

Published: 1:14 PM | October 16, 2020

Halifax Water will be smoke testing a portion of the wastewater system in the Lower Sackville area. Smoke testing will take place between October 19 and November 6, 2020. This activity is weather dependant.
Residents in this area have received written notice on October 16, 2020 advising when testing will occur and what they can expect to see. This smoke is non-toxic, white to gray in colour, creates no fire hazard and should not enter any building unless there are plumbing defects.
Smoke testing is planned to take place on the following streets:

James Campbell, Communications & Public Relations Manager

Blue-Green Algae Being Monitored at Lake Major

Published: 8:51 AM | July 16, 2020
Updated: 4:30 PM | July 16, 2020

(Thursday, July 16, 2020) Due to recent hot, dry weather, a blue-green algae bloom has been detected in the Lake Major Water Supply. At this time, no toxins have been detected and the water in Lake Major and all other Halifax Water sources remains safe to drink.

Halifax Water continues to work with Nova Scotia Environment and Public Health to monitor water quality at Lake Major. The health and safety of customers remains the top priority.  Any change in water quality will be communicated to customers.

There are many different species of blue-green algae. Some species of blue-green algae have the potential to cause taste and odour in drinking water. At times, some species can also produce toxins.  

James Campbell, Communications & Public Relations Manager

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Current News

Halifax Water Board Elects New Vice Chair

Published: 9:18 AM | October 16, 2020

Members of the Halifax Water Board, and General Manager Cathie O’Toole are pleased to announce that Colleen Rollings, P.Eng. has been elected Vice Chair of the Halifax Water Board of Commissioners.

The election of Ms. Rollings to Vice Chair, effective October 17 comes as Vice Chair Russell Walker steps down.  

Halifax Water Board Chair Craig MacMullin said, “Ms. Rollings brings a wealth of experience to the Board having held senior management roles in the regulated utility industry and is an Engineer in Residence in the Faculty of Engineering at Dalhousie University. Her background and experience will serve residents and the utility well as we navigate unprecedented times.”  

James Campbell, Communications & Public Relations Manager

Changes to Halifax Water Rate Application

Published: 2:54 PM | May 25, 2020
Updated: 3:16 PM | May 25, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has many Halifax Water customers concerned about the future and their ability to pay bills. To help support customers in these uncertain times, Halifax Water has recommended to the NSUARB that there be no increase in water rates for fiscal 2020/21 and 2021/22. In addition, the utility is recommending no increase in overall wastewater rates in 2020/21 and an increase to wastewater treatment/usage charges effective April 1, 2021. The application does not include stormwater rates.

James Campbell, Communications and Public Relations Manager

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