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Pollution Prevention

Substances such as chemicals, motor oil and grease cannot be treated by Halifax Water

The Pollution Prevention team may request to inspect your business to ensure compliance with the Halifax Water Regulations. Food service establishments (FSEs) such as restaurants and cafeterias, including those contained within industrial, commercial or institutional premises as well as vehicle or equipment service stations, repair shops and garages must comply with the Halifax Water Regulations.

Food Service Establishments (FSEs)
Food Service Establishments (FSEs)

Food Service Establishments (FSEs)

  • Restaurants
  • Food processors
  • Day cares
  • Any location with a Food Establishment Permit issued by Nova Scotia Environment
Garages & Service Stations
Garages & Service Stations

Garages & Service Stations

  • Service stations
  • Parking garages
  • Car washes
  • Any location where there is a possibility of oil entering Halifax Water's system
Industrial Pretreatment and Other Section
Industrial Pretreatment and Other

Industrial Pretreatment

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial processes
  • Large scale product production
  • Unique wastewater characteristics
Non-Significant Users

Many business in Halifax are classified by Halifax Water as Non-Significant Users (NSUs). These are businesses that have domestic wastewater connections, for example a shoe store that only has an employee washroom would be classified as a NSU. Even though these locations pose less risk to the health of the wastewater and stormwater systems, they may still receive a drop in inspection if we receive reports of prohibited activity in the area.

An example of this would be someone seen dumping a mop bucket into a catchbasin on the street. After washing your floors, be sure to pour the water down a drain inside your business so it flows to the wastewater system, the catchbasins on the street are part of the stormwater system and only for rainwater runoff.

Education Before Enforcement

The Halifax Water Pollution Prevention (P2) team strives to lead the discussion with educating the customer. Usually when you meet the P2 team, it is while they are presenting you with education material or we are there at your request to speak to your staff. For education requests please contact the Pollution Prevention team.

There are times when education is not enough and enforcement measures are required. The Pollution Prevention team has a number of enforcement options available to them. For example, members of the Pollution Prevention team are Special Constables appointed under the Police Act giving them the ability to issue summary offence tickets.

Contact the Halifax Water Pollution Prevention Team


  • Halifax Water
    P2 Team
    P.O. Box 8388, RPO CSC
    Halifax, NS
    B3K 5M1


  • 902-490-6934