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How a Water Meter Works

Learn how water is measured as it enters your home or building

When water comes into your home or building, it enters through a water lateral and then goes through the water meter. All of the water that enters the building is measured. The water that passes through the water meter spins a built-in device. Each full spin of the device measures a specific amount of water; that amount is instantly shown on the display on top of the water meter in cubic meters. The only way for water to be measured is for it to flow through the water meter, physically spinning the device.

How a Water Meter Works

Check out the video below to see how your water meter works and how to manually read your water consumption.


View Water Meter Readings Online with Customer Connect

Halifax Water customers can register for Customer Connect, our online platform where customers can view their water usage data, manage bills and payments, and much more. Learn more here.

Once registered, customers can view their quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily and ever hourly water use information. See a sample of daily water meter readings for December 2020 below.


December 2020 Water Meter Daily Reading Example

How to Read Your Water Meter Manually

  • Shining Light on Water Meter

    To see your total water usage, lift the black plastic cover on the water meter.

  • Shine a powerful flashlight on the screen to turn it on. Please note: In darker spaces, if the screen does not come on with a standard flashlight, or mobile phone flash, a brighter flashlight may be needed to turn the screen on.
  • The number shown is the total amount of water that has gone through the meter since it’s installation.
How to Read your Water Meter

The number shown on the water meter can be compared with information on your Halifax Water bill.

Understanding Your Bill - Compare to Water Meter Reading w- Meter Photos