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Halifax Water's Customer Account Access

Customers can now access their Halifax Water accounts and a suite of services online through Customer Connect.

Customer Connect is a two-phased project that began in 2017 with the installation of technologically advanced, water meters. The second phase of Customer Connect is nearly complete and will provide online access to your Halifax Water account.

Through Customer Connect your AMI meter will provide you with valuable information regarding your water consumption and by setting up your Customer Connect account you will be provided with timely, personalized information, in a secure manner.

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Customer Account Access Through Customer Connect


Customer Connect Customer Account Access

Customer Connect began as an initiative to upgrade customer water meters; the first phase of a two phase project. Now that the installations are essentially complete, Customer Connect will be your entryway into your Halifax Water customer account.

Your new water meter provides valuable information regarding your water consumption and by setting up your Customer Connect account you will be provided with timely, personalized information, in a secure manner.

Benefits & Features of Customer Connect

Alerts to leaks or high consumption

Leaks and high consumption both raise the cost of your water bill. When you have a leak, the leaking water will still go through your water meter, it is counted as usage and you end up paying for it on your bill. High consumption = high cost. Sign-up for alerts in Customer Connect and get notified right away.

Paperless Billing
Paperless Billing

If you choose to sign up for this service, you will NOT receive a paper bill. You will be able to login to your account and view (and print) your bill online, as a PDF (file format). You will be notified via the email address on your account when your bill is ready to be viewed.


e-Notification are emails and/or text messages from Halifax Water. If you sign up for this service we will send notifications for informational purposes such as, bill is ready for viewing, payment has been received, etc.

Future Usage & Bill Amounts
Forecast Usage & Billing

Forecast future usage and billing amounts based on trends over time. This will help you keep your bill on track, you will know how much your Halifax Water bill will be and there will be no surprises.

Please Note: Some benefits and features will be released in future releases of Customer Connect.

If You Haven't Already, Get Your New Water Meter Today!

If you have not yet had your water meter upgraded, please contact Halifax Water to arrange an appointment:

Please note: The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) has recently approved changes to the fees associated with non-AMI Meter readings.

More About Halifax Water's Meters

Protecting your data is a top priority. Using the same advanced methods as internet banking and ATM machines, the new water meter reading system uses proprietary protocols, transmitting it to Halifax Water over a wireless network with multiple layers of security incorporated throughout the system. Security measures are tested and reviewed regularly to guard against unauthorized access. 

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