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Request a Water Station for a Community Event

Use the form below to request a water station for your community event

Halifax Water offers water stations that can supply tap water to select public events between May 1 and September 30 each year. Water stations are set up by Halifax Water staff at approved locations in HRM.

These portable tap water stations are designed to promote tap water usage as an alternative to bottled water consumption.

Water Station Program Details

In order to be eligible for consideration, events must:

  • Be located in an area near a Halifax Water-owned fire hydrant. (More details can be found in the "Water Station Connection Requirements" section on this page.)
  • Take place between May 1 and September 30.
  • Take place outside.
  • Have an expected attendance of at least 500 people.
  • Be at least eight hours long (not including set-up and take-down).
  • Comply with the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act.
  • Applications must be received at least four weeks in advance of an event to be considered.
    • Halifax Water often receives multiple requests for the same dates during the summer months. Halifax Water will not be able to provide water stations to every event that submits a request.
    • Water stations may not be available during emergencies or Halifax Water-sponsored events.
  • Applicants will be notified of their application status within five business days of submitting their application.
  • If selected, staff will arrange a time to conduct a preliminary site assessment (if necessary) to ensure water station(s) can be set up in a suitable location that has access to an acceptable Halifax Water-owned hydrant.
    • Successful applicants will be asked to provide a site plan and a Certificate of Insurance.
  • Halifax Water staff will set up the water station(s) at least two business days before an event is scheduled to take place to allow for water sampling and bacteriological test results to come back from a third-party lab. Water stations are tested after being set-up to ensure safe, high-quality water is being provided.
  • Halifax Water staff will remove the water station(s) 1-2 business days following the completion of the event.
  • Water stations must be directly connected to a Halifax Water-owned fire hydrant.
  • Water stations cannot draw water from private water supplies, private plumbing systems, or any infrastructure that Halifax Water does not own.
  • It should be noted that not all Halifax Water fire hydrants are suitable for use as a potable water supply. Halifax Water will work to provide alternative options (where possible) if the nearest hydrant to the event is not suitable for potable water use.
  • The event organizer must install cable mats over all sections of the flexible pipe/hose that are on walking/biking/accessible surfaces (pavement, sidewalks, gravel paths, etc.) to ensure accessibility and protect the water connection.
  • If the water station is in a public area (on a sidewalk, outside of a fenced area, etc.), the event organizer must arrange to have temporary fencing installed around the water station until water sample results have come back from the lab and the water station is turned on.
  • If the water station is located in the HRM Right of Way (on streets, sidewalks, etc.), the event organizer must obtain permission from HRM to have the water station on-site for the timeline outlined in the "Event Selection Process & Timeline" section above.
  • The event organizer is also responsible for some costs. See the "Water Station Costs" section below.

Halifax Water is responsible for:

  • The installation of the water station(s).
    • Delivering the water station(s) to the approved location(s).
    • Connecting hose(s)/flexible pipe(s) from the approved hydrant(s) to the water station(s).
  • Collecting water samples from all installed water station(s).
  • Having a third-party lab test the water samples to ensure the water is safe.
  • Turning on the water station(s) once favourable water sample results have come back from the third-party lab.
  • Removing the water station(s) and hose(s) from the event site within 1-2 business days of the event end date.
  • Halifax Water is also responsible for some costs. See the "Water Station Costs" section below.

Halifax Water will cover the costs associated with the water station installation, third-party lab testing, and tear down as part of an in-kind sponsorship of approved events.

The cost of the water used must be paid for by the event organization. Each water station is equipped with a water meter to measure the amount of water that goes through the water station.

The event organization will be billed for the following upon completion of the event:

  • An account setup fee
  • The monthly water service rate (prorated for the length of the event), and
  • The cost of the water at the current water consumption rate.

Current rate information can be found here.

Important Note

Halifax Water reserves the right to remove water station(s) without notice and penalty, or to deny a request, should an event not comply with the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act. This includes events that promote hatred or discriminate against age, race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, physical disability, or mental disability.

Halifax Water reserves the right to withdraw from an event at any time without notice or compensation to the event or organization that has received confirmation of a water station presence.