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Bulk Water Service

Potable water from the distribution system year round, 24 hours per day

Bulk filling stations allow bulk water haulers to get potable water from the distribution system year round, 24 hours per day.

Bulk Water Filling Station Locations

Halifax Water has seven automated bulk filling stations in the urban core of Halifax and one in Middle Musquodoboit.

You can view the Bulk Water Filling Station map in a new browser window.

How to Access Bulk Fill Stations

To access bulk fill stations you or your company must:

1. Have a bulk water account with Halifax Water.

To set up a bulk water account you must fill out and submit the Halifax Water Bulkwater Application [PDF].

2. Pre-paid account balance.

There is no minimum or maximum amount that must be in your account, however, bulk water service is a prepaid service.

Information regarding your account can be obtained by visiting our Customer Care Centre at 450 Cowie Hill Road or by contacting us:


  • 902-420-9287 

3. Have an account number and PIN from Halifax Water.

Once the bulk water account is created, you will be provided with an access number and PIN. These numbers are personalized, and are required to be entered into the pin pad at the bulk water fill station to draw water. If you lose or forget your PIN, or if you would like to change your PIN, please contact Customer Care at 902-420-9287, Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

You must protect your PIN at all times, including deactivating PINs when employees leave your company. Halifax Water will not be liable for any transactions.

Full access will be granted upon satisfactory vehicle inspection(s).

4. Annual Bulk Water Vehicle Inspection.

Bulk water vehicles are to be inspected annually by Halifax Water to insure the vehicles are compatible with our system. Upon a satisfactory inspection a permit will be issued to be displayed on the vehicle; preferably on the back and the two sides of the tank.

The fees, according to our current Regulations, are $115.00 for each vehicle inspection. Annual permits are valid for the fiscal year, and therefore, on April 1, security access may be deactivated until a new vehicle inspection has been completed, and paid for.

To arrange a vehicle inspection contact Halifax Water Customer Care Centre at least 24 hours in advance. Vehicle inspection locations are as follows:

  • 455 Cowie Hill Road, Halifax
  • 35 Neptune Crescent, Dartmouth
  • 2 Park Avenue, Lower Sackville

Accessing a fill station without a current inspection decal will constitute theft of service and will result in a fine as per the Halifax Water Regulations (Schedule B, Item 10):

  • 1st offence - $300.00
  • 2nd offence - $750.00

Vehicle requirements:

  • Cam-lock adaptor
  • Rigid piping permanently attached to the vehicle
  • An air gap twice the diameter of the pipe
  • A shut off valve with a 2.5 inch NSZ1 thread (fire hose connection) for use within the Halifax Municipality and/or a 2 inch camlock coupling for use in Middle Musquodoboit
  • Tank must be designated for hauling water only and have a fixed air gap of 2X the pipe diameter
Contact Us

Contact Halifax Water for inspections or operational issues.

To arrange for a vehicle inspection or if you encounter operational issues, please contact Halifax Water Customer Care Centre at 902-420-9287.