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Garages & Service Stations

Oil interceptors and separators need to be cleaned out on a regular basis

Vehicle service stations, car washes, and parking structures are all required to install an oil interceptor. These interceptors prevent runoff from vehicles getting into the wastewater or stormwater systems. The Pollution Prevention team regularly reaches out to these businesses to ensure the following:

  • Verification of the installation of an oil interceptor or separator
  • Vehicle and equipment service operations are in compliance with the Building Code Act as well as the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute Best Management Practices
  • Enzymes, solvents, hot water or other prohibited agents are not used as a means of maintaining an oil interceptor or separator
  • Educate staff at facilities on how these units work and what not to dump into them
Service Records

Halifax Water requires that you inspect your oil interceptor or separator at least once every quarter. If the level of oil and solids is greater than 25% then a service needs to take place which includes a complete emptying of the unit.

Regardless of the level in the unit, a service must take place at least once a year and records of all servicing must be submitted to the Halifax Water Pollution Prevention team.

Education and Information

To learn more information on oil interceptor or separator maintenance please review the following documents:

For more detailed information on the requirements of the Halifax Water Regulations regarding Vehicle and Equipment Service Oil and Grease Interceptors, please see Section 71

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