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Biosolids Processing Facility Upgrades & Expansion

Published: 1:34 PM | September 1, 2023

Halifax Water is another step closer to developing an upgraded and expanded Biosolids Processing Facility that provides improved benefits for customers and the environment. A comprehensive procurement process that began in 2021 included steps for a Request for Qualifications (RFQ). Having attracted interest from across the country, Halifax Water has pre-qualified three proponents that will have the opportunity to proceed to the Request for Proposals (RFP) stage. 

The processing of biosolids is a critical component of the wastewater treatment cycle. Halifax Water’s existing facility is approaching its processing capacity limits and needs to be upgraded. Halifax Water is currently envisioning an enhanced resource recovery solution, recovering nutrients, water, energy, and GHG emission reductions from the biosolids and the facility. The goal is to have an expanded and upgraded facility operational in 2027.

“Advancing the procurement process for the Biosolids Processing Facility is critical to accommodate the anticipated increase in production resulting from population growth and increasing environmental and regulatory requirements for wastewater treatment,” says Dr. Tareq Al-Zabet, CEO and General Manager of Halifax Water. 

This investment in an upgraded and expanded Biosolids Processing Facility will reduce the long-term capital and operational life cycle costs, directly and indirectly benefiting ratepayers. 

This investment enables Halifax Water to better prepare for increased population growth in the HALIFAX region. Additionally, the Biosolids Processing Facility helps address more stringent environmental regulations, including requirements for the secondary treatment of wastewater by 2040.

During this next phase of the procurement process, the selected list of proponents will be invited to submit confidential proposals to Halifax Water. To protect the integrity of the procurement process, no further details will be shared until after a preferred proponent is identified.

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