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Restaurants and Other Food Service Establishments

Improper grease interceptor maintenance can cause pipe blockages and wastewater backups

Any business that has a valid Food Establishment Permit is required to install a CSA certified grease interceptor and have it maintained on a regular basis. The Pollution Prevention team regularly inspects restaurants and other FSEs to confirm that:

  • Grease interceptors discharge to the wastewater system, not the stormwater system
  • Grease interceptors are in compliance with the Building Code Act, the Building Code Regulations, as well as CSA B481 Series-12
  • Grease interceptors are cleaned out on a monthly basis, or when the total grease and solids layer reaches 25% of the interceptor volume, whichever happen first.
  • The business has up-to-date maintenance records for grease interceptors available for the last two years
  • Enzymes, solvents, hot water or other prohibited agents are not used as a means of maintaining a grease interceptor
Grease Interceptor Service Records

Halifax Water requires that all restaurants and other FSEs submit their service records within seven days of servicing. Records can be emailed to the Pollution Prevention team

Education and Information

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For more information on grease interceptor maintenance please review the following documents:

For more detailed information on the requirements ofthe Halifax Water Regulations regarding:

  • Information on Grease Interceptors can be found in Section 70

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