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Wanda Lane, Tobin Drive & Ronald Court

Infrastructure Upgrades & Rehabilitation

In summer 2019, Halifax Water and the Halifax Regional Municipality will be upgrading infrastructure on Wanda Lane, Tobin Drive and Ronald Court. This project includes Phase 3 of the Ellenvale Run Rehabilitation Project.

Upgrades & Rehabilitation
Wanda Lane, Tobin Drive, & Ronald Court Infrastructure Upgrade Map

Halifax Water’s work will include the replacement of the water and wastewater system in various areas, the addition of a deep stormwater system on Wanda Lane, and channel improvements in Ellenvale Run.

Pending council approval, the municipality will be undertaking various street improvements including curb, gutter and sidewalk work, as well as the replacement of the bridge on Tobin Drive.

These upgrades will provide road and underground service upgrades and reduce the amount of stormwater entering the wastewater system from public infrastructure.


Wanda Lane Underground Infrastructure Diagram
Project Timeline
Wanda Lane Project Timeline

This timeline is an estimate and is weather dependent.

Safety Reminder

The work going on along Ellenvale Run and on Wanda Lane, Tobin Drive, and Ronald Court is certainly interesting to watch, but we ask that all residents and onlookers view the work being completed from a safe distance. Safety barricades and fences have been installed for the safety of the public and the workers completing this work. Please stay well outside of these barriers and fences at all times. Even when machinery has stopped moving during a break in work or on evenings and weekends, the fenced off areas are to be entered only by authorized personnel wearing the required safety equipment.

Please follow any instructions given by the contractor, Dexter Construction, especially when inside the active work area. These instructions are for your safety and the safety of the workers in the area. We appreciate your understanding of this important safety reminder.

What to Expect During Construction

Activities will include excavation in the street and in front of your property to replace buried pipes, to replace the bridge crossing at Tobin Drive, and to upgrade the streets and sidewalks. At the rear of some properties, excavation will occur along the edge of Ellenvale Run.

Crews will make every effort to maintain road and sidewalk access during this project. Residents may experience periodic traffic delays or rerouting during this time, especially during the bridge replacement.

The in-stream work to be performed along Ellenvale Run will involve the placement of precast concrete sections into the channel and the addition of natural stone and vegetation. This will improve the stability of the channel as well as add natural habitat features. This work will be similar to the work done this year between Ellenvale Avenue and Patterson Street.

When the new wastewater and water pipes are replaced in the street, Halifax Water will reconnect your existing private water and wastewater laterals at your property line. Your private pipes will not be replaced. There may be short-term localized interruptions in your water or wastewater services during this time. Affected residents will be notified in advance of the interruptions.

At the completion of the construction project, a stormwater connection point will also be available at your property line. This will provide property owners with a new underground pipe where you can connect stormwater sources found on your property such as sump pumps and interior/exterior foundations drains (connection of downspouts to the stormwater lateral will not be permitted).

Inflow & Infiltration

Rain water and groundwater that enter the wastewater system either through direct connections (sump pumps, downspouts, foundation drains, etc.) or pipe defects (cracks and breaks) is considered inflow and infiltration (I/I). Connections allowing I/I into the wastewater system are not permitted by Halifax Water. As part of this project, Halifax Water have been conducting MANDATORY private property inspections to assess private stormwater and wastewater systems.

If you live on Wanda Lane and have not had your inspection, call Customer Service at (902) 420-9287 between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, Monday to Friday or email to set a date/time for the property inspection.

Learn More About Property Inspections

For more information on inflow and infiltration check out our Homeowner Responsibilities page.

What Will it Cost?

The upgrades being undertaken to public infrastructure by Halifax Water and Halifax Regional Municipality are budgeted at approximately $6 million.

Any repairs you make to the private wastewater or water lateral pipes on your property will be at your cost. For example:

  • If you install a new stormwater lateral to connect your house to the new underground stormwater pipe found at your property line, this will be at your cost.
  • Any stormwater sources connected to the wastewater system must be disconnected at your cost.
Ellenvale Run Related Projects

As mentioned above, Ellenvale Run goes from Lemont Lake to Morris Lake, a total distance of approximately 5 km.

Ellenvale Run Phases 1-3 General Map


Phase 1 of this project is substatially complete, the majority of that work was completed in the spring and summer of 2018.

Phase 2 of this rehabilitation project focuses on replacement of the retaining walls along the 180 metre portion of Ellenvale Run between John Cross Drive and Elwin Crescent. More information is available here.

The Halifax Water & HRM integrated Wanda Lane, Tobin Drive & Ronald Court Infrastructure Upgrades & Rehabilitation Project includes Phase 3 of the Ellenvale Run Rehabilitation Project. More information on this project is available above.

Ian Guppy
Project Manager