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Ellenvale Run Rehabilitation Project - Phase 4

Ellenvale Run Channel Upgrades will take place from mid-May into Fall 2021

Stormwater flows through Ellenvale Run from Lemont Lake to Morris Lake. Phase 4 of this rehabilitation project focuses on replacing the retaining walls along the 95-metre portion of Ellenvale Run between the Belle Vista Drive/Waltdale Drive intersection and Ellenvale Avenue.

Project Overview

The retaining walls along the channel consist of various materials and types; gabion baskets (metal wire baskets filled with stone), masonry stone walls, steel sheet piles, and precast concrete blocks. The condition of the retaining walls also varies along the channel. In some areas, the walls appear to be in relatively good condition, while in others, the walls are failing, and temporary bracing has been installed to prevent them from falling into the stream. In an effort to stabilize the channel walls, to ‘naturalize’ the channel, and to reestablish or improve natural habitat, the restoration efforts of this project will use energy dissipation pools, natural pool and riffle sequencing and natural stone on the bottom of the channel liner. This provides a naturalized stream bottom that reduces velocities, creates pools and meanders and helps to improve fish passage.

Project Timeline
Ellenvale Run - Phase 4 - Project Timeline - Web
What to Expect

The contractor will have heavy equipment on the roads to facilitate stream reconstruction. Traffic will at times be delayed as temporary traffic control measures may be in place in the areas of work. Work will also be progressing within the channel. Residents can expect to see heavy equipment within the channel replacing the existing walls.

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Ellenvale Run Rehabilitation Phases 1-5 Map

As mentioned above, Ellenvale Run goes from Lemont Lake to Morris Lake, a total distance of approximately 5 km.

Phases 1, 2 & 3 of this project are complete.

Phase 5 is taking place at the same time as Phase 4. Learn more about Phase 5 of this work here.

Community Notices & Project Updates

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