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How to Identify a Lead Service Line

The first step in addressing lead in a home is to identify any potential sources

Halifax Water is committed to reducing exposure to lead in drinking water and assisting customers in addressing all sources of lead in their drinking water. Sources of lead include but are not limited to: lead service lines, lead/tin solder, brass, and brass fittings.

Recent Increase in Lead Inquiries

Following recent news stories around lead in Nova Scotian drinking water, our Lead Service Line Replacement Program team has been receiving a higher than normal volume of customer inquiries. As a result, response times will take longer than normal until these inquiries can be processed.

We thank those customers who have reached out for their interest in our programs. We ask that customers who think that they may have a lead service line check the map on this page.

  • If your home is within the area shown on the map and was built before 1960, then your home may have a lead service line.
  • If your home is not within the area shown on the map, then it is very unlikely your home has a lead service line, regardless of the age of the property.
Finding Lead Pipes
Homeowner's guide to identifying private service line material