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Wyse Rd. & Jamieson St. Infrastructure Upgrades

We are investing in improvements to the water, wastewater and stormwater systems

Halifax Water is investing in improvements to the water, wastewater and stormwater systems in the Jamieson Street and Wyse Road areas by replacing aging water mains and separating stormwater discharge from the Albro Lakes and street storm drains from the wastewater system.

Stormwater will be redirected into the harbour, while the wastewater will continue to flow to the Dartmouth Wastewater Treatment Facility for treatment. Reducing stormwater in the wastewater system will reduce excess strain on the area's wastewater system and help the system operate more efficiently.

By replacing aging sections of the water distribution system, the water supply that serves your community will be more resilient and reliable for decades to come.

Atlantic Road Construction & Paving Limited (ARCP) will be completing this project on behalf of Halifax Water. The safety of staff, contractors, and the public is our top priority during this work.

Project Map
Wyse Road & Jamieson Street Upgrades - Project Map - Web
Project Timeline

During the month of March, ARCP will be working on portions of the project that will not impact traffic. Construction in the public right-of-way/streets is scheduled to start in April 2022 and is expected to continue into November/December 2022.

What to Expect

This work will involve excavation in the street for the installation of new water/wastewater/stormwater mains and connections. Following pipe installation, the work areas will be restored – including repaving the impacted sections of the street. See the attached map for the full project area.  There will be traffic control personnel on-site during this construction to accommodate the flow of emergency vehicles and to manage local traffic.

Some customers near this work will be connected to a temporary water supply system to maintain water service during this work. A separate communication will be shared with those customers. Other customers in the project area may experience temporary water service disruptions during this work. The contractor will provide advance notice of any planned water service interruptions to impacted customers. Wastewater and stormwater services will not be interrupted during this work.

Downspout Disconnection Program

This infrastructure upgrade project will separate the combined sewer system into two different systems - one for wastewater and another for stormwater. Upon completion of the project, stormwater will not be permitted in the newly separated wastewater system from connections such as downspouts, sump pumps, foundation drains, private catchbasins, etc.
Halifax Water will be conducting a Downspout Disconnect Program in the project area. All downspouts that enter the ground or into the building are likely currently connected to the wastewater sewer. If so, the downspouts will need to be disconnected and redirected onto the ground surface (or otherwise manage the discharge on their property). Further information will be sent to any impacted property owners.

Paul Kelly, P.Eng
Project Manager, ARCP Limited
Renée Roberge, P.Eng, PMP
Project Manager, Halifax Water