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Maynard Lake & Clement St. Infrastructure Upgrades

This project is currently in the planning stages

Halifax Water is currently in the planning phase of a future project that will separate stormwater discharge from the wastewater system in and around the Maynard Lake area and Clement Street. This work is part of the utility's 30-year, $4 billion investment commitment to improving aging water, wastewater and stormwater systems.   

Once completed, stormwater will be redirected into the harbour, while the wastewater will continue to flow to the Dartmouth Wastewater Treatment Facility for treatment. This reduces the amount of stormwater entering the wastewater system and will reduce excess strain on the area's wastewater treatment facilities, thus helping them operate more efficiently and making them more reliable for decades to come. 

What to Expect

In preparation for a future stormwater infrastructure project, Halifax Water and DesignPoint staff will be completing survey work in the area shown on the attached map. Some of this work will take place on private property, mostly in backyards. Staff will be accessing the areas shown in red on the map attached to confirm the location and details of the existing infrastructure. 

In spring and summer 2023, contractor staff will be collecting geotechnical information using surveying equipment and machinery to assess various characteristics of the ground in the area. Similar work will also take place in the streets near this red area. Please follow temporary signage and follow instructions of any traffic control personnel during this work. 

Staff from Halifax Water and DesignPoint will be visiting these areas as planning for this future project continues. Halifax Water will communicate with area residents well in advance of construction work beginning in this area for this project. Construction work for this project is not expected to take place in this area in 2023. 

Project Map
Adam Sketchley, P.Eng., M.A.Sc.
Design Engineer, DesignPoint
Meghan Woszczynski, P.Eng., M.A.Sc.
Project Manager, Halifax Water