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Requesting Underground Infrastructure Inspections

Customer Care Centre: 902-420-9287
Published: 10:41 AM | May 3, 2023

Activities such as driveway paving and landscaping on your property can damage your connection to the water supply. This is why Halifax Water asks customers planning property improvements such as driveway paving or landscaping to contact the utility 2-3 weeks before work begins. 

This will allow time to schedule and conduct a visit to your property to complete an inspection and maintenance of the water service box that connects your home to the water main in the street.  

Halifax Water offers this service at no charge to its customers. 
Please call our Customer Care Centre at 902-420-9287 to start the process. 

We recommend having this work done before your new driveway or landscaping is in place to avoid unnecessary disturbance of newly installed landscaping or paving.

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