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Burnside, Highfield Park, Albro Lake & Wyse Road

We are asking customers in this area to reduce wastewater flows during this work
Published: 10:50 AM | March 16, 2023

On Tuesday, March 21 (weather dependent), from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Halifax Water will undertake wastewater system maintenance in the Burnside, Highfield Park, Albro Lake & Wyse Road areas.


PSA Map - Burnside Highfield Park Albro Lake  Wyse Road  Wastewater System Maintenance

This maintenance work is integral to the system’s operation and must be completed by redirecting wastewater flows. As a result, Halifax Water has scheduled it to take place during an expected period of no/low precipitation to reduce flows in the area.

This will help minimize the impact on customers and the environment while ensuring customers continue to have wastewater service during this period.

To reduce pressure on the wastewater system during this temporary maintenance period, we ask customers to reduce wastewater flows in the areas shown (see attached map). Please reduce running water, flushing toilets or doing laundry during this time.

To learn more, visit

This work will not impact traffic.

We appreciate your assistance and apologize for any inconvenience this wastewater system maintenance work may cause.

To ensure the safety of our communities and our staff, please maintain a safe distance when Halifax Water staff or contractors are working in your area.

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