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Extending Support for Affordable Housing

Halifax Water Received Approval to Extend Support for Affordable Housing
Published: 3:54 PM | November 13, 2020

Halifax Water will be implementing some measures to support affordable housing, which the Halifax Water Board approved in October 2019, and the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) approved on October 29, 2020.  

In a Regional Development Charge (RDC) application filed with the Nova Scotia Utility and Review earlier this year, Halifax Water requested the ability to defer collection of RDCs for up to ten years, with interest waived for the first two years for affordable housing initiatives as defined by the Halifax Regional Municipality.  

Following the NSUARB’s RDC Decision released October 29, 2020, Halifax Water sought clarification on it’s affordable housing support request. The NSUARB has confirmed and approved the utility’s ability to defer RDC payments for up to 10 years for affordable housing developments.

Halifax Water General Manager Cathie O’Toole said, “This payment deferral program helps remove a potential barrier to initial development of affordable housing projects in our region. Halifax Water is pleased to be able to support this initiative.”

Halifax Water will be submitting a compliance filing on December 7, and expects an NSUARB Order will be received approving the changes to the Regulations in early in January 2021. 

James Campbell, Communications & Public Relations Manager