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2018/19 Stewardship Report

This Stewardship Report Focuses on the Environment and Research
Published: 11:41 AM | July 5, 2019
Stewardship Report 2018-19 - Cover Page

Protection of the environment, ongoing research and continuous improvement are the cornerstones of Halifax Water’s long term planning and daily operations. The 2018/2019 Stewardship Report highlights the many projects and initiatives that Halifax Water has undertaken over this timeframe, and marks a year of transition for the utility.

Recognizing Halifax Water’s focus on the full water cycle, the 2018/2019 Stewardship Report outlines projects such as: major investments in stormwater infrastructure with the Ellenvale Run rehabilitation project; the expansion and upgrade to the Aerotech wastewater treatment facility; research in partnership with Dalhousie University to improve wastewater effluent quality and develop a centre of excellence in wastewater research for the Atlantic region;  a research project through the Water Research Foundation for utilities that are experiencing changing source water quality from lake recovery; and the pending completion of the Customer Connect Project in fall 2019 which will help the utility identify high consumption, and eventually enable customers to monitor their own consumption through a secure customer portal.

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James Campbell, Communications & Public Relations Coordinator