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Lead Line Rebate

Financial assistance for homeowners who replace their lead service line

The Lead Line Rebate is part of the Lead Line Replacement Assistance Program. It was created to help those Halifax Water customers who need to replace their lead private lateral.

Following recent news stories around lead in Nova Scotian drinking water, our Lead Service Line Replacement Program team has been receiving a higher than normal volume of customer inquiries. As a result, response times will take longer than normal until these inquiries can be processed.

We thank those customers who have reached out for their interest in our programs. We ask that customers who think that they may have a lead service line check the map on this page.

  • If your home is within the area shown on the map and was built before 1960, then your home may have a lead service line.
  • If your home is not within the area shown on the map, then it is very unlikely your home has a lead service line, regardless of the age of the property.
  • If you are not the registered property owner, Halifax Water is unable to release private service information/provide sampling of private services without the registered property owner's request. If you are not the registered property owner, we ask that you contact your landlord or property manager.

About the Lead Line Rebate

Halifax Water, with the Lead Line Rebate, can now provide financial assistance to homeowners who replace the private portion of the lead service line.

The Lead Line Rebate allows for 25% of the cost, up to $2,500.00, paid back to the homeowner. This excludes any costs associated with upgrades to the property or any work that is not required for the completion of the lead service line renewal.

It is estimated there are 10,000-15,000 private lead service laterals and approximately 2,500 public (Halifax Water-owned) lead service laterals. These are found primarily in the Halifax peninsula and central Dartmouth in homes built up until mid-1950.

This program was approved by the Nova Scotia Utility & Review Board on August 22, 2017. Lead service lines replaced prior to that date do not qualify for this program.

Use Halifax Water's Lead Service Line Boundary map to see if your home is in this area.

How to Apply

In order to be eligible for the rebate you must complete the following:

  • Have a private lead service line renewed on or after August 22, 2017
  • Have an inspection of the new line completed by Halifax Water prior to infill
  • Provide a detailed invoice attached from the contractor
  • Fill out the form below


Registered Property Owner Information

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)

Property Address Information


Example: PSA######
Is the mailing address the same as the property location?

Applicant Address Information (if different from above)

In order for your application to be reviewed, all information must be filled out correctly. The lead water service renewal must be completed and inspected by Halifax Water staff prior to replacement of excavated material.


Ensure application is complete. Please confirm an inspection of the renewal work has been conducted by Halifax Water prior to replacement of excavated material once the work has been completed.

Following inspection and approval by Halifax Water, submit this completed application form and your contractor’s invoice.


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5 MB limit.
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